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How We Got Started

The author, Michael Cruden is from Central Florida. Early on in life he set his intention to eating well and living an active, healthy lifestyle after dealing with some setbacks related to misdiagnosis. After graduating from UCF in 2001, he moved to Costa Rica. During this time he has worked in the hospitality industry. While running a restaurant, I was in charge of designing the menu and making it as healthy as possible. After several years of experience there combined with other personal experience, the book began to take shape. This site is here to expand on that project.

Our Mission

This book was created to help you more frequently choose vegetarian options when needing the energy to live an active lifestyle. There are many reasons to choose vegetarian foods such as ethical reasons, decreased water consumption and over all sustainability. Rather than discuss these in detail, my work focuses simply on encouraging you to work with vegetarian foods. I think of the other factors as additional benefits…

About the Book


Power Food Kitchen takes you on an inspirational journey into the world of healthy plant based foods. This cookbook is filled with fun, easy to make recipes designed to fit into an active, high energy approach to living. The goal of this book is to make it easier for readers to include more plant based foods in their diet. This includes fruit and protein smoothies as well as healthy options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The book also goes into detail how to make various teas and hot cacao drinks. The recipes are focused on working with popular health foods, cacao, vanilla, cayenne, ceylon cinnamon, turmeric and other nutritious and beneficial spices.


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